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The Dirty Hoe Club

Do you have someone who loves to call you Big Poppy?

Do you want the entrance of your business to be inviting and say aloe there? 

Do you tend to be a forget me knot when it comes to birthdays?


Happy Hoe Floral Co. offers a subscription to the Dirty Hoe Club! You can take advantage of a monthly floral arrangement delivered to your front door or place of business. 

We're always rootin for you and will help in any way we can.

(As long as us helping is in the form of flowers, and you join the club.)

Small Floral Arrangement Dirty Hoe Club.jpg
Large Sunflower Arrangement.jpg
Dirty Hoe Club Membership 
Delivery Schedule
Floral Arrangement
Happy Hoe Image.png

Thanks for Joining!

Need to send your arrangement to a different address this month? Send an email with a 72hr notice, and the address you want your arrangement delivered!

* Make sure to include whether it is a permanent address change, or a one time thing. Thanks!

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