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Happy Hoe serves the Denver metro area, but is willing to put the petal to the metal & branch out to other Colorado locations when it comes to your big events. This is something you will chat about during your consultation.

Peach Event Floral Image Happy Hoe Floral Co_edited.png
Bridal Bouquet.jpg
Bridal Bouquets and Bridesmaids Bouquets.jpg

Wild Flower Wedding

Wildflower Brides Bouquet.jpg

The Pines at Genesee

Centerpiece The Pines at Geneese.jpg
Bride and Groom at the Pines at Genesee.jpg
Wedding- Brides Bouquet at The Pines in Gennesse.jpg
The Red Barn at Evergreen Bridal Bouquet.JPG
Wedding Floral Arch Piece at The Red Barn at Evergreen.jpg

The Red Barn at Evergreen

Lionsgate Event Center

Bridal Bouquet at the Lionsgate Event Center
Wedding Florals at Lionsgate Event Center
Aisle Arrangement Lionsgate.jpg

Lily Fresh Farms Event Center

Bride and Bridemaids.jpg
Lily Fresh Farm Bouquet.jpg
Lily Fresh Farm Bouquet 2.jpg
Bridal Bouquet & Boutonniere.jpg

YaYa Farms Event Center

Wedding Bouquet.jpg
Sunflower Brides Bouquet Lily Fresh Farms Event Center

Lily Fresh Farms Event Center

Sunflower Brides Bouquet.jpg
Red Stone Inn Bride and Groom under Floral Arch Piece.png

The Red Stone Inn

Red Stone Inn Centerpiece_edited.jpg
Red Stone Inn Brides Bouquet.png
Red Stone Inn Floral Arch Piece_edited.jpg
All three bouquets Westcliffe.png
Bouttoniere Westcliffe.png
Westcliffe Arch Updated.png

Westcliffe Wedding

Table Centerpieces.png
Doorway in Westcliffe.png
Peonies, Roses and Ranunculus Archpiece 3.png
Wedding Cake Floral Topper.png
Peonies, Roses and Ranunculus Centerpieces.png
Tiny Details Bouquet.png

Longmont Wedding

Bride with Peony Bouquet.png
Peonies, Roses and Ranunculus Florals.png

Skylight Wedding

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