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"Working with florals allows me to convey the feelings people feel for one another, one petal at a time."

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Owner, Creator & Head Designer

​Descending from a line of agriculturists, gardeners and florists dating back over a hundred years, floral design is in Courtney's blood. She has a natural eye for creative design with florals, and a knack for capturing ones personality in each piece she creates. 

Colorado Native, full time mom, wife, and a small business owner; Courtney has a passion for her community and adding a touch of beauty to it when she can. Whether it be through her personality and drive to help others, or with her incredible floral design. She is the life of every event, and goes out of her way to cater to your vision, and make your day special. ​

Favorite flower: Tulip or Peony

Favorite flower to work with: Pin cushion Protea/ Amaranthus

Favorite Word: Shimmer Sham


Favorite Drink: Tequila... BLANCO

Favorite Song: Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meatloaf

Favorite Person: Her Delivery Man (aka her husband)​​​

This is the song Courtney claims is her favorite, but it challenges Black Betty as her number one song!

Outside of obligation to her family being her favorites. her OTHER most favorite human is Bill Self (Rock Chalk Jay Hawk)

While the phrase means something different entirely, Courtney uses it to describe anything 'extra' in a way that gives her a chill of excitement. 


Hoe Daddy, Floral Delivery, Moral Support

Preston (aka Hoe Daddy) also descends from a long line of agriculturalists, and if you know him, you know, he himself has a special touch in the field. He is the right hand man to the magic behind Happy Hoe Floral Co. Whether he is building floral stands for Courtney's flowers to display at the market, or building coolers in her workshop to keep her bouquets fresh, Preston always has his wife's back and supports her in all areas of her business!

Favorite Drink- C.L. Smoothie (Coors Light)

Favorite Flower- Kush

Favorite Flowers to Deliver- Anything his wife designs

Favorite Person- Courtney The Happy Hoe herself.

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