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Because Bouquets

There is ALWAYS a reason to celebrate! Found someone who shares your love of burritos? Send a bouquet. Need to apologize because your dog keeps pooping on someone lawn? Send a bouquet! Want to celebrate that someone finally got those braces off?

Happy Hoe Floral doesn't discriminate against celebrations. We make excuses to partake in them!

Let us in on your celebration and we'll create the perfect bouquet for the occasion. 

Reagan 1.jpg

Floral Formations

Celebrate firsts and lasts with floral formations. Use the

Event Inquiries form to inquire about different options for floral formations!

Birthday 1 Roses and Pumpkins.jpg

Co-worker out sick? Need them to get back to the office ASAP so that you can stop picking up the slack? Send them a...


Get Well Bouquet


to help encourage the healing process!

Secretly watching someone from a far. Don't want to come on too strong? Send them a big bouquet to let them know about your quiet obsession!



Did you win a sports bet with your bud? Send a bouquet of their teams colors to show you're a good sport! Better yet, send them a bouquet of your teams favorite colors!

Green Bay Packers.jpg


Moving on to a new career? Leaving that ol' job behind? What better way to give your notice, than with a condolence bouquet. Let your supervisor know how sorry you are, they are losing their best employee. 



Dance Recital Florals.jpg

Have all those recitals you sit through every weekend watching your favorite shimmy sham across the stage or loopy twirl around the bars, and just want them to know how proud you are of them? Or maybe you fell asleep midway through those performances because it's the same routine you've watched again and again, and you need to say you're sorry. Either way send a bouquet!

Awards & Ceremonies

Thank a Teacher!

Teacher Appreciation.jpg

Let's be real. Without teachers, days would be longer, and we'd probably drink more. In fact, your kid may be the reason a teacher drinks! So show them your gratitude with florals from Happy Hoe!

Celebration of Life.jpg

 Celebration of Life!!!

There are a million reasons to celebrate. While Happy Hoe Floral always encourages you to celebrate your loved ones while they are still present in our lives, we are honored to be a part of celebrating your loved ones who have passed. 

"Courtney has a knack for capturing someone's personality in bouquet form". Inquire here with Courtney; to create a piece representing your loved one!

Memorial Bouquet.png
Funeral arrangement.jpg
Memorial Bouquet Centerpieces.png
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